Saturday, December 26, 2009

Short Hair Updos

Growing out a short hair style can be one of the most frustrating and confidence zapping processes a girl can go through, I once heard that 70% of a girl’s confidence comes from her hair. Thus growing out a short hair cut over a period of a year can mean 365 bad hair days. As a hair guru this is one of the most common problems I face and I have to admit I have gone through this process myself, having gone from having a funky short hair cut that everyone loved, to looking like a prison escapee as the months of growing out progressed.

So what follows is my best advice for short hair styles especially when you are growing out your hair;

1. Cut A Little As Often As You Can

I know the point of growing your hair is not to cut it, but believe me it’s wise to take a little longer growing that hair out and allow your hairdresser help you by regularly tidying it up and keeping it in a reasonable style as you grow your hair out. Find a hairdresser that you trust and who knows your main aim is to grow your hair out. Remember short hair cuts come in various lengths with a help of a professional you can look like a star at every stage.

2. Keep It Layered

My best tip for looking like you have hair style rather than like your in transition is to not to grow your hair into one length from short to long. Not only will it be more frustrating for you, but you will end up looking like you are wearing a wig that has been run over, as the layers start to stick out and grow in different directions. So until your hair gets to about mid neck keep it layered and then you can start the process of growing it into one length.

3. Go For Shine

Short hair can often look a little dull especially if you have black hair, and because you are not cutting it as often it can get frizzy adding to your growing out woes. Aim to always keep your hair looking shiny and healthy, invest in the best shampoo and conditioner you can afford, and take my advice invest in a good hair shining serum.

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