Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hot Bob Haircut shaved nape of neck( hot bob hairstyle)

Bob Haircut shaved nape of neck( hot bob hairstyle 2009)
bob hairstyle

The hair on the back of her neck was shaved into cool angles, triangle points.
A very cute layered and casual bob hairstyle that can be dressed up. Longer in the fronter, shorter in the back. See posts below for more views of this bob haircut. bob hairstyle
This short bob hairstyle looks so stylish,
you can really see how much longer the front is than the back in this photo. Layered and shaved nape of neck in the back.Great easy haircut for summer
bob hairstyle
bob hairstyle
Angled bob with bangs, brunette hair.

Great cut for women with oval faces or long faces. This bob haircut highlights the eyes and cheekbones

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