Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Summer Updos For women

We are rapidly approaching the hottest part of the season, and I don’t know about you, but I need my hair OFF MY NECK.
Lucky for us, summer updos are gracing the pages of every major magazine. Take Allure for example:

Now, I’m a little bobby-pin challenged, but the beauty of current summer updos is that a messy, imperfect look is the ultimate goal. Long gone are the days of stiff, hair-sprayed helmet heads. (Thank God.)
As Orlando Pita mentioned in the above piece:
Perfect updo = Matronly
Messy updo = Soft and feminine
Here are three fail-proof summer updos that are absolutely fun and fresh.
What you need:
Bobby pins (if bobby pins aren’t your thing, try these tiny jaw clips)
A brush (to smooth out any tangles, although we didn’t use one)
The first video is a modern side bun.

Updo - Single Side Bun from Hair Thursday on Vimeo.
When placing the bobby pins, be sure to use the flat side of the pin against your scalp and DON’T TRY TO GRAB TOO MUCH HAIR WITH THE PIN. That’s the common mistake many (um, ME) seem to make - just push the pin into the hair, grabbing a little bit of hair at a time. For thick hair, you will need to use many bobby pins. (Or try the mini-claws shown above. Just make sure that the claws are well hidden.)
If you have thick hair, try creating two side buns on top of one another.

Updo - Side Bun For Thick Hair from Hair Thursday on Vimeo.Asymmetrical not your cup of tea? Try these double knots.

Updo - Double Knot from Hair Thursday on Vimeo.
If you’re new to updos, these might take a little practice, but I promise you’ll be donning modern and feminine updos in no time!

What about you? Do you have any easy updos that you love?

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